OneWord 2018

This year, thanks to Kaitlin Curtice and OneWord365 I am choosing a word as a guide to lead me through 2018.

When I think about the coming year I can easily get overwhelmed and an accelerated heart rate when I think about all the unknown.

I graduate from college in April. And then, who knows what will happen. I will enter a new phase of life. A new phase of life that will challenge me to take time to breathe deep.

And so that is the word I have chosen: breathe.


to pause. 

to make space. 

to collect your thoughts. 

to remember. 

to face the next moment. 

to choose.

to let go. 

to be. 


I’m slowly recognizing a pattern in my behavior lately. When I function out of fear and insecurity I push people away. I take on this independence streak which is ultimately driven by the fear of being hurt rather than confidence and maturity.

My hope for this year is that while I know this mindset will continue to tempt me that I will find ways to fight it. That I will surround myself with people who force me to recognize this pattern in what I say and do and challenge me to take a step back and breathe.

This year, for 2018, the word breathe will guide me– into new adventures, into deeper presence with myself, others, this world, and the Divine.

What word will guide you through 2018?



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